Our Team


Salon Owner

With over 20 years’ experience, Jeff has developed a deep understanding of the hair industry. Mastering in his craft, Jeff’s technical and creative mind will leave a long lasting impact. Starting his career in Sydney, Jeff quickly found his passion for hair and pursued his dreams by moving to London. Returning from overseas Jeff fell in love with the Gold Coast and began to thrive. Now having owned his own business for over 10years, Jeff’s love and knowledge for hair continues to grow. With a loyal clientele and numerous clients traveling interstate his fun and loving nature enables him to have a successful and flourishing business.


Senior Stylist pam

Pam has been hairdressing for 15 years now in Broadbeach  and

has a amazing ability to connect with her client and give the best

results , having service skill in all parts of hairdressing , with her fast and efficient service .


Stylist JJ is a very confident and charismatic person that loves what he does  hairdressing now for 15 so years , knows his craft well , loving colour has the nak of refining the clients wishes making them feel comfortable and sassy  if you feel like a new look try JJ .

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